Olivier Meriel Photography

“Kitchen Meeting”

After a party which ended once again in the kitchen, I realized that this room might be the most important room in a house. Maybe not just because of the activity you will have here, but also because it’s a room where the relationship between occupant and arrangement becomes easily visible and easily accessible. I decided to realize this project without adding extra light and not to change anything in the room for the pictures. Due to the low light and the use of a 4×5 ” camera, my hosts had to engage in a very static posture to avoid (hopefully) fuzziness. In this manner, they became somehow a part of the furnishings themselves. Looking at the results, I found a lot of similarity between the different kitchens and even the different occupants, so I thought it would be interesting to expand this project to other people’s kitchens outside my circle of acquaintances to gain another view on this subject. Unfortunately, I lost this project out of sight.

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